EOR’s upstream focus involves holdings in exploration and production companies in Texas. Our current holdings include two fields located in Northeast and South Texas.  EOR, along with its partners, are continually seeking additional opportunities to expand their holdings in strategic and synergistic regional plays.

The Fall City Field
In May 2012, EOR and its partners acquired the Fall City Field which is located 75 miles southeast of San Antonio, Texas, through our partnership company, Reveille Oil & Gas Holdings LLC (trade name Reveille Oil & Gas).

Fall City Field Facts:

  • 1,887 acres held by production
  • 480 acre shallow horizontal oil development in the known oil column
  • If the oil column can be found down-dip from the lowest known oil, significant acreage can be added
  • 26+ stacked producing pays in Vertical Wilcox
  • 4 way closure
  • Ongoing rework & recompletions of existing wells in field

The Topaz Field

This field was originally drilled by Genesis O&G and Sonat beginning in 1996 through 1999. Sonat unitized the field in 1999. When Sonat was purchased by William Companies in early 2000, the field was sold to a local O&G operator who ceased operations in 2006. EOR’s E&P partnership, Flood Energy, began acquiring underlying leases to the unit in 2008. In early 2011, Flood Energy received acknowledgement from the Texas Railroad Commission that the original unit formed by Sonat had ceased operations and that Flood Energy’s leases were in force.

In 2013, Flood Energy drilled and completed a 5,600 foot vertical well. Flood Energy is creating a full field development plan which entails drilling several horizontal wells across its 1,250 acres.

All of these holdings are managed by seasoned E&P management. The key area of focus is on the application of unconventional technologies in conventional oil projects in and around mature, proven producing fields.  EOR seeks to deploy our engineering and technical expertise to assist in creating the optimal value from our investments through the drilling of new wells and the recompletion/reworking of existing wells utilizing proven technologies.