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Anthony Lewis, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Lewis is co-founder & CEO of EOR Energy Services LLC, a diversified energy company managing assets in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the oil & gas industry. Mr. Lewis is responsible for establishing the corporate vision, prioritization, funding and implementation strategies for EOR Energy Services, LLC and its subsidiaries. EOR Energy Services was a partial owner and the managing partner of Black Elk Refining, LLC from June 2011 through July 14th, 2016. Mr. Lewis served as the Chairman & CEO of Black Elk Refining.

Mr. Lewis has 30 years of expertise in international trade, strategic planning, contracts, as well as, project coordination & operations management. Mr. Lewis holds a B.S. degree in Finance and Accounting.

James Runyan, President and Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Runyan has over 25 years of progressive management experience on a wide range of oil industry construction projects including refineries and process plants, infrastructure projects and refinery upgrades. Mr. Runyan is responsible for the successful implementation of overall corporate strategies, as well as, directing all technical management initiatives as they relate to midstream and downstream operations with EOR Energy Services, LLC and its subsidiaries. While EOR Energy Services was partial owner and the managing partner of Black Elk Refining, LLC Mr. Runyan served as the President of Black Elk Refining.  Mr. Runyan as President of Black Elk Refining LLC managed the overall day-to-day operations of the company inclusive of refinery operations, pipeline operations, budgeting, project management, capital project development and scheduling, marketing, contract negotiations, personnel and client relations. 

Randy Wright, Executive Vice President

Mr. Wright has 30 years of experience in the financial industry, with over 15 years in the fixed income & investment banking divisions of US based regional firms.
Mr. Wright oversees strategic planning, acquisitions, and capital market activities of the company.

John Hamauei, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Hamauei has 37 years of experience in finance, accounting, auditing, strategic planning, M&A, investment banking and business management experience in the exploration and production, petrochemical and refining industries. Mr. Hamauei is responsible for executive oversight of the accounting and finance functions within the company.

Jim Van Hoozer, Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Van Hoozer has 29 years of experience in all aspects of corporate operations including project planning and integration, financial analysis, corporate and business development, and day-to-day processes. Mr. Van Hoozer is responsible for the financial modeling, strategic planning, business analysis, and operations of the company.

Robert S. Godlewski - General Counsel, EOR Energy Services, LLC.

Mr. Godlewski has more than 30 years of legal experience counseling corporate clients on health, safety and environmental matters, contractual interpretation, risk management and litigation analysis, investigation and defense. He has an extensive background advising company counsel on matters involving environmental liability including industrial plant air, water and solid waste emissions, oil & gas, commercial disputes involving breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary obligations, trademark infringement and all aspects of product liability.

Diana Austin, Vice President Business Operations

Ms. Austin has over 30 years experience in the advertising and marketing industry as CEO dealing with Fortune 500 companies in the oil & gas sector. Her experience includes executive roles in business operations, human resources, sales, marketing, contracts, project management, facilities management, procurement and logistics. Ms. Austin is responsible for business operations, client relations, procurement and logistics.

Engineering Management

Robert J. Long, President Engineering Services

Mr. Long has a BS in chemical engineering, an MBA and over 30 years experience in the petrochemical and oil & gas industries. He has specialized expertise in process design, pressure vessel design, and control systems. Mr. Long has completed water flood projects and managed the design, installation and commissioning of water treatment and steam generator equipment for one of the largest steam floods in the world, the Duri Field in Indonesia.

Dave McMillon, Senior Project Management Engineer

Mr. McMillon is a project management engineering professional with over 35 years of experience in the oil & gas industry. He has extensive experience in managing projects in gas pipeline design, metering stations, control systems, SCADA systems, water purification systems, and wastewater treatment systems. His engineering management experiences include working with clients and consultants in the initial/conceptual phase of the project through engineering, construction, and commissioning to the final phase of client acceptance and handover. His responsibilities include managing the engineering phase, in which, the engineering, specifications, equipment selection are defined.

Mike McMillon, Lead Design Engineer

Mr. McMillon has been in the oil & gas industry along with the water/wastewater industries for over 25 years. His primary specialty relates to the design of equipment and systems for various processes and process systems. He has been involved with selecting and specifying equipment for new plants and upgrades of existing facilities for gas metering systems, water and wastewater treatment plants. He is also responsible for verifying that the design meets the requirements of the project and that the selected components are compatible with both mechanical and electrical project specifications.