The EOR Capital Markets Group assists clients with capital investments/project finance for global energy and infrastructure related projects within Africa, the US, the Middle and Far East. EOR focuses on transactions that create sustainable value and affords technical, as well as logistical solutions that enhance social and environmental conditions. The firm works with clients to formulate strategy, conceptualize and implement creative financing structures; always drawing on best practices in the industry.

Key principals of the firm have years of experience in Finance/Investment Banking and specialize in manufacturing, infrastructure and energy related projects. By means of EOR’s global client base and early involvement in international projects, EOR routinely is engaged to provide capital raise assistance via both the debt and/or equity markets.

Experience, Expertise & Integrity are the pillars of EOR’s success.

Board of Directors

Anthony P. Lewis –Chairman

James Runyan – Director

Randy Wright – Director

John Hamauei – Director

Jim Van Hoozer – Director

EOR Energy Services, LLC

3950 Braxton, Suite 100

Houston, TX 77063




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