Domestically, EOR was a co-owner and Managing Partner of Black Elk Refining LLC from June 2011 through July 2016. Black Elk Refining was formed in June 2011 to purchase Hermes Consolidated, LLC (doing business as Wyoming Refining Company), a crude oil refinery located in Newcastle, Wyoming. At the time of acquisition, although the refinery was permitted for 14,000 BPD, due to inefficiencies and operational constraints, the refinery was only operating at 12,500 BPD. EOR’s engineering team designed and implemented modifications that subsequently increased daily processing volumes up to the allowable 14,000 BPD volumes. Subsequently, EOR designed, obtained approvals and expanded the refinery to 18,000 BPD, with that expansion work completed at year end 2015.

As the Managing Partner of Black Elk, EOR was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the refinery and performed strategic planning with respect to engineering, crude acquisition practices, hedging and credit.

After owning and operating the refinery for more than five years, Black Elk sold Wyoming Refining and its subsidiary, Wyoming Pipeline Co., in July 2016 providing significant capital returns on EOR’s initial investment.

From an international perspective, EOR’s refining expertise and technology management assist refineries globally with comprehensive solutions to maximize revenue from every barrel of oil being refined or produced. We manage the day-to-day operations while overseeing the implementation of debottleneck and expansion projects increasing refinery production and efficiency, thereby increasing revenue.

Our companies regularly provide products and services including, but not limited to:
  • Refinery Day to Day Operations and Management
  • Technology and Process Engineering
  • Refinery process engineering, detail design, operations and consulting
  • Process design for lube, motor oil and pharma and food grade process plants
  • Gas processing equipment design, modular unit design and fabrication
  • Process equipment design, procurement and installation
  • Process industry enhancements to improve or increase product slate
  • Heavy oil expertise including Hydrotreating and Hydrocraking
  • Multi-component distillation
  • Cryogenic process design and project implementation
  • Acid gas recovery and sequestration