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EOR Energy Services, LLC (“EOR”) is a diversified energy company, focused on the oil & gas industry with headquarters in Houston, Texas.  Since its inception, EOR has transitioned from a traditional engineering, procurement and construction (“EPC”) company to a company which, through its corporate holdings, has engaged in the operations and management of oil & gas production fields, a crude oil refinery, a pipeline company, and several national and international engineering services companies.  EOR also has representative offices in Indonesia and Nigeria.

EOR possesses a unique team of industry managers and professionals with extensive experience in worldwide oil & gas operations providing technical, financial and operational management expertise.  Today, EOR remains active in providing engineering, procurement and construction management services and solutions to its clients across multiple continents.  Our team specializes in operational and technical management, engineering, procurement, refining, oil and natural gas processing & transmission and industrial water treatment solutions.

EOR is continually involved in pursuing additional acquisitions and investments that are accretive to our core expertise while maximizing value for our shareholders.  We welcome strategic inquiries regarding new business opportunities.


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