EOR’s Corporate Holdings

EOR is active in many sectors of the oil & gas industry. As such, we have made strategic investments in companies globally to develop a more diversified company. In order to maintain our effectiveness in all services, EOR strives for continuous process and technology improvement. To date, EOR has successfully completed investments in the following companies:

Investment Companies

EOR was a co-owner and Managing Partner of Black Elk Refining LLC from June 2011 through July 14th, 2016. Black Elk Refining was formed in June 2011 to purchase Hermes Consolidated, LLC (doing business as Wyoming Refining Company), a crude oil refinery located in Newcastle, Wyoming.  At the time of acquisition, although the refinery was permitted for 14,000 BPD, due to inefficiencies and operational constraints, the refinery was only operating at 12,500 BPD.  EOR’s engineering team designed and implemented modifications that subsequently increased daily processing volumes up to the allowable 14,000 BPD volumes.  Subsequently, EOR designed, obtained approvals and expanded the refinery to 18,000 BPD, with that expansion work completed at year end 2015.

As the Managing Partner of Black Elk, EOR was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the refinery and performed strategic planning with respect to engineering, crude acquisition practices, hedging and credit. 

After owning and operating the refinery for more than five years, Black Elk sold Wyoming Refining Company and its subsidiary, Wyoming Pipeline Company, in July 2016 providing significant capital returns on EOR’s initial investment.


AquaMation Process Equipment, LLC, formerly AquaMation, Inc. (“AquaMation”), is a process equipment company focused on the engineering and construction of skid-mounted process equipment and industrial water treatment solutions for the petroleum and petrochemical industries. The company engineers, fabricates and commissions durable and reliable process equipment inclusive of providing the process design, detailed engineering, manufacturing services, procurement and project management needed for successful implementation. AquaMation’s systems have been delivered to major customers including international and national oil companies operating in Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, China, Poland and the United States.

AquaMation-Hyprops Energy Services Ltd. is a joint venture in Nigeria developed to address the recently enacted “Local Content” laws of that country. AquaMation has operated in Nigeria since 2005, providing services to its national oil companies and IOC’s. The primary corporate focus centers on the vast natural gas resources of the country. AquaMation is a preferred vendor to the Nigerian Gas Company and the Nigerian National Petroleum Company and has assisted these government entities with the development of process and equipment standards that will be used in the realization of the Nigerian Gas Master Plan.

Offshore Equipment

Blake Geophysical Instruments (BGI), is a professional geophysical equipment company headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company produces, develops and sells offshore seismic data acquisition systems, recording systems and towing streamers. With proprietary designs backed by years of experience, BGI systems offer the latest technology at competitive prices.

The BGI digital exploration recording equipment can be configured from 12 channels to 1000 channels per streamer and is suitable for both shallow and deep layer exploration. With the simple configuration yet advanced technological design, coupled with highly reliable and efficient construction components, the system is suitable for both small and large commercial applications.

The BGI system offers a bi-directional working section, real time and replay recording displays. The systems provides for group intervals of 1 meter to 12.5 meters and sample rates of 0.25ms, 0.5ms, 1ms and 2ms. BGI is an independent controlled power system that allows distance between the modules to be more than 500 meters. BGI is affiliated and works directly with EOR, a global provider of energy solutions.