Certain aspects of EOR’s engineering foundation came from the midstream sector of the oil & gas industry through its sister company, AquaMation Process Equipment, LLC (formerly known as AquaMation, Inc.). Through the consolidated efforts of AquaMation’s and EOR’s engineering staffs, our engineers have successfully completed numerous projects related to the transmission, metering and processing of natural gas. The consolidated engineering team serves the natural gas, hydrocarbon and petrochemical industries for consulting, conceptual design and complete infrastructure services including process engineering, detailed design, procurement and project management.

Our engineering team is well versed in both non-cryogenic and cryogenic technologies used in natural gas processing, LNG liquefaction, natural gas based petrochemical applications and pipeline transportation of treated gas, liquid hydrocarbons and stabilized NGL’s. The staff has extensive experience through a variety of consulting, conceptual design, engineering, procurement and construction projects in natural gas processing, LNG production, ethane, propane, butane and C5+ extraction and processing of these by product streams into high value products that are sold in both the national and international markets.

We furnish skid mounted modular equipment packages and complete plant systems for
oil & gas and petrochemical clients that include:

Liquid and Gas Metering Systems
Pressure Reduction Metering Stations
Fire & Gas Detection
Emergency Shut Down Systems
Fuel Gas Systems

DCS - PLC based controls & automation
Pipeline Launchers / Receivers
SCADA Systems
Filter Separators
Line Heaters

Pumping Systems
Water Treatment Systems
Knockout Drums
Venting/Flaring Systems
Water/Steam Flooding Equipment